[COVID-19] About Delivery Delays and Returns for Shipped Items

The Post has confirmed that packages will experience significant delays, both during domestic travel and international travel due to minimal flight routes. Shipping times will exceed the posted shipping time estimates from the warehouse, based in China.

Additionally, the Post has continued deliveries to many countries but has reported that receiving ports have been closed due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. As such, packages will not be updated as having arrived in the destination country until the ports have re-opened.

If your package's tracking shows it has left our warehouse ) and has not yet arrived in the destination country, it is likely awaiting processing at the receiving port. Due the the ports' closures, the Post cannot move the package any further or proceed with package investigations (for lost packages) until the ports are open again.

If your package has been collected but has not moved, it may be awaiting departure from our warehouse, based in China. Your package will be returned if your country has been affected by a restriction/suspension and has not yet left the warehouse. We will get in touch with you once your package arrives back to go over options for your order.

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